Vitamin D biological effects per personEveryone knows that the vitamin D is necessary for health. It directly affects the strength of the bone tissue of our body. Besides, this element affects the functioning of almost all organs and tissues. And its effect on metabolic processes of the intestine, brain, heart, pancreas, skin and lymphocytes doesn’t compare with other elements.

The drug Aquavit-D3 is the key to the prevention of various diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, rickets, psoriasis and other pathologies. Our drug will help to normalize the work of your body due to the high content of useful elements. Aquavit-D3 is effective for adults and you will learn more about it right now.

Who should order Aquavit-D3?

Vitamin D drugs are recommended when a person is missing this vitamin. This can occur in colder countries and in the winter season, when the skin isn’t exposed to sunlight. In addition to this, children, elderly people and people with the dark skin also more likely have problems with this vitamin deficiency.

Aquavit-D3 benefits for adults are related to the health of bones and teeth, increasing muscle strength and balance. Also, it reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cancer.

How to take Aquavit-D3? Instruction for use

Like with other drugs, before use, you should read the instruction. The recommended dose is:

The usual dose for the rickets prevention in full-term babies aged from 4 weeks to 1 year with proper care and sufficient exposure to sunlight is 1 drop (about 500 IU of vitamin D3) daily, in premature babies – 2 drops (about 1000 IU of vitamin D3) daily. In sunny summer, you can limit the dose to 1 drop (about 500 IU of vitamin D3) daily. It may be necessary for further vitamin D3 prescription during the second and third year of life, especially in winter.

Vitamin D prophylaxis in childhood promotes growth and strengthDrops are given to infants in a spoon of milk or cereal. It’s not recommended to add the drops to the bottle or to the plate, because it’s impossible to guarantee the taking of the entire dose. Older children and adults take the drug with a spoon of water.

The duration of admission is determined by the doctor.

The treatment of rickets and osteomalacia: the dose is 2-10 drops (about 1000-5000 IU of vitamin D3) daily. The treatment duration is 1 year.

The maintenance therapy of osteoporosis: the dose is 2-6 drops (about 1000-3000 IU of vitamin D3) daily.

The prevention of vitamin D deficiency in the high-risk groups – 1-2 drops (about 500-1000 IU of vitamin D3) daily.

The prevention of malabsorption – 6-10 drops (about 3000-5000 IU of vitamin D3) daily.

When taking doses over 1000 IU of vitamin D3 per day, as well as with prolonged use of the drug, it is necessary to control the level of calcium in the blood serum. Vitamin D3 is not recommended to prescribe for children or adolescents under 18 by your own, but only in the case of a doctor’s prescription.

The way of taking – oral, can be taken in diluted form, both before meal and during it.

Only a specialist has the right to determine the duration of treatment, but generally it is considered as additional drug during the treatment of diseases.

Appearance of a bottle of Aquavit D3If the dosage of the drug is not violated there will be no side effects.

When you forget to take the drug Aquavit-D3, take it as soon as you remember, if it is not time to take the next dose. In this case, take the next dose as usual. You should not take a double dose to complete the forgotten one.

Consult your doctor before interrupting or discontinuing treatment prematurely.

If you have additional questions regarding the use of this medicine, ask your doctor.

The advantage of the drug Aquavit-D3 is that it is available in all pharmacies and at a reasonable price. One vial is enough for a long time taking.

Is it possible to buy Aquavit-D3 at a reasonable price in Ukraine?

It is possible to order Aquavit-D3 in the pharmacies of your city. It is available in the form of drops in vials of 10 ml (375 mcg/ml). The price for this drug starts from 100 UAH in various pharmacies.

Remember that self-medication can be dangerous for your health, so you should consult with your doctor.

Be healthy!