Ask a question about the drug Aquavit-D3

Do you know why it is so useful to expose yourself to sunlight? Beside the main, because it promotes the production of vitamin D3 in our body. Keep reading to find out all about this vitamin and about our drug Aquavit-D3!

What is vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin (soluble in fat), which is synthesized by our skin when exposed to sunlight and/or by proper taking of the drug. This affects our mood and health, as well as the bones and joints health.

In many regions of Europe, optimal levels of vitamin D are not achieved due to lack of sunlight. Even if the sun shines outside, which seems rare, we do not reach the required dose. Usually, this occurs in countries where the weather is more cloudy and humid, and the sun cannot appear as often as it should.

So the drug Aquavit-D3 is developed by specialist for quick and easy replenishment of the required dose of this vitamin.

Can I take Aquavit-D3 with other drugs?

First of all, you should not take Aquavit-D3 along with other drugs, which contain the same vitamin, because there is a high risk of overdose.

Secondly, anticonvulsant drugs, glycosides and ketoconazole can weaken the effect of the drug itself, and can also worsen its toxic properties.

What dose can take pregnant women?

The perfect safe dose for pregnant women is 1 drop per day. If there is a need to increase the dose, consult your doctor. Self-medication can be dangerous to your health.

Can I take Aquavit-D3 as prophylactic?

The drug Aquavit-D3 is excellent means for the prevention of rickets, osteoporosis in children and adults.

What side effects may occur while taking the drug?

Among the main side effects of the drug Aquavit-D3, you can only distinguish hypervitaminosis D, which is observed while taking large doses of vitamin D or if you are hypersensitive to the drug or its components (very rarely). Its symptoms may be nausea, vomiting, headache.

For more information, contact the specialists.